Systems Software Engineer

At Flowtune, we are maniacally focused on eliminating cloud application failure by building tools that quickly and automatically pinpoint service disruption -- both caused externally from faults in cloud infrastructure and API providers, and internally from bugs and configuration errors. The underlying tech (developed at MIT) is unique in its extremely low-overhead collection and analysis, its full coverage, and its ability to be deployed in minutes with no code changes or configuration. These allow Flowtune to provide SREs and DevOps engineers with smart alerts and a complete, easy-to-read picture of their deployment -- dramatically accelerating fault resolution.

This is a chance to join a small, rockstar team with backgrounds at Facebook, Google, and VMware and change the way engineers achieve high availability and performance in their production applications.

What You’ll Do

  • Contribute into multiple components of the backend architecture of Flowtune including its custom streaming data pipeline, storage engine, and operating system-based collector technology, mostly in C/C++.
  • Play a key role in building and scaling out a service-based architecture


    • 4+ years of development experience
    • Experience building enterprise-class, performance-critical software
    • Experience with one or more systems programming languages such as C/C++, Rust, D, Objective C, Swift
    • (Desired) Thorough understanding of distributed systems complex system design and architecture
    • (Optional) Experience with eBPF (Linux) and AWS-based infrastructure
    • (Optional) Experience with developing Domain Specific Languages / Compilers.

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